Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Been a busy few days...

I realized my wife and I reached a milestone.....this weekend we watched our daughter drive off in her own car back to college....all by herself. Maybe it doesn't seem that big a deal, but still......
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..our little girl is all grown up.

Been busy this past weekend with computer stuff, set up a new computer that someone bought new off of eBay.....the computer came from a seller in Texas but all the region codes for the DVD software were set to Region 2 instead of Region 1 and when I went to Google it loaded the UK version. Whatever, probably a grey market computer but for the price the guy paid-it was a good deal.

Something about this picture is so wrong....

Idiocracy is gonna be here before you know it. TV's in shopping carts? What's next? Farting squirrels?

Very good special effects........I have this show on my hard drive, I am looking forward to watching it.

Cool school bus.

till later.

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