Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Internet..........and a possible shitshow.

I'm an old geezer (54), but I remember when we first got internet. I bought one of the first Windows 95 computers when they came out.....cost us over a grand and it seemed like it crashed about every 15 minutes or so.

Windows 95A wasn't very stable.

I, like most of everyone else back then, had America Online......hell, I thought AOL was the internet for awhile. I never realized how much stuff was actually on the internet until we switched to Earthlink in 1998 or so.

Does everyone remember how damn slow dialup was? I ran two modems at once to get a blistering 108 k for awhile....when we finally got cable internet, it was like night and day. Unfortunately, I had recently purchased a new computer that ran Windows ME. This version of windows was worse than 95 if such a thing was possible.

People ask me how I got to be so good at configuring Windows was mostly trial and error on my part just from experimenting with stuff. I can't count the times I had to re-install the OS because I screwed something up in the Registry which made the computer unbootable.

I recently configured a new PC for a client...out of the box, this brand new laptop had 93 processes running at boot up, the client was wondering why his brand new laptop was slower then his 6 year old laptop. Once I was done uninstalling all the crapware, I got the running processes down to less than 40......which made it feel much more responsive. Not sure why PC manufacturers insist on installing so much crapware, but I make a nice penny off of uninstalling it.

At work, our store is in the middle of a minor remodeling....which means we are moving around just enough stuff to piss off our customers. Not sure what the thinking is where we move all the groceries around so none of our customers can find anything.......but I'm sure someone in our office that has never actually worked in a supermarket knows better then I do.....or not.

We are also installing a new coffee shop (it's a big *green* name in coffee) in our store and guess who gets to oversee it? Yeah, that would be me......while I'm sure it will prove to be very popular, but we only get two weeks of training before it opens. As long as most of the newly hired staff sticks it should go smoothly....I hope.

If it doesn't go life will be pretty much hell for awhile.


Dog shit. I don't have too many people in our neighborhood that does this but I never understood why its okay for you to let your dog piss all over my mailbox and kill all my grass. Maybe I'm an asshole, (correction-I am an asshole) but I have no problem confronting my neighbors when they let their dogs piss on my lawn, unsurprisingly, they usually cross the street when then get to my house.....suits me just fine.

If I won the lottery....I'd buy one of these to put in my 14 car garage. 707 horsepower? Yes, please.

This is my mind some mornings when I go to work.....

Better Call Saul......yeah, I'll be watching this for sure.

Crimes against nature? WTF is a crime against nature? I'm thinking something with farm animals, but I might be off-base....who knows? someone is famous just because of her ass? I must be old....I don't get it.

It's fun to stay at the YMCA.......anyone remember this from the late 70's?

Wow....just fucking wow.

I bought one of these 18 months ago on Indiegogo....just got it today. What a piece of crap.....lesson learned, don't buy stuff that doesn't exist when you buy it. It seemed like such a cool concept a year and a half ago when I paid for it......the watch itself is a turd.

Have an in-dash factory GPS unit in your car? This is some scary shit.

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.......gotta love Dorothy Parker.

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