Tuesday, August 19, 2014


So, first day of vacation.......I rolled my ankle. I don't think I sprained it, just twisted it enough to be a pain in the ass for a couple days. I was walking in our backyard to turn on the hose to wash our son's car and slipped off of the raised sidewalk.

I'm a klutz.

Our son's 15 year old Saturn SL2 is a very reliable car and it's in great shape. It used to be my dad's car, when he passed away, I drove it for a few years and now it's my son's car. It only has 75,000 miles on it....our son is hoping it lasts for another 15 years.

 He certainly didn't inherit the "motorhead" gene from me......cars are a way for him to get from point "A" to point "B" and back and no more. This attitude will save him tens of thousands of dollars over the course of his life, so I guess it's hard to argue with this point of view.

Me? Hell, I'd buy a new car every year if my wife would let me. I love cars.
Sure, my new 2014 Hyundai Elantra will probably last me at least until I retire in 10 years, but I can always dream.

Unfortunately, the sunroof has started to leak on his car and I'm not really prepared to spend a thousand bucks to fix it......so I bought a couple of tubes of silicone sealant.So, it's not really a sunroof any longer.....just a window in the roof of the car that doesn't open anymore.

Am I a cheap bastard? No, not really, our son doesn't give a shit whether his sunroof works or not, so it's getting sealed up forever.

This is NOT very smart.I don't have a motorcycle and haven't ridden one since before I got married, but I couldn't imagine all the abrasions you'd get being basically naked and crashing.

I miss this guy already......depression isn't something fuck around with.

If I could do this for a living instead of working retail.......

I'm gonna burn for posting this.......or maybe this.

I can tell you firsthand...Verizon customer service sucks. I spent a total of 35 minutes on hold to cancel my mom's DSL service only to find out that since it was bundled with her regular phone service......she isn't saving any money at all. I have her hooked up to Comcast internet for 10 more bucks a month....and it's 6 times faster then what she had with Verizon and way more reliable. Verizon can suck hind teat, as soon as I can find something to replace her phone service.....they are gone.

I've worked with awesome managers like this....but they are few and far between.

45 cents a fucking pound? Oh....it's from 1945.

I was planning on riding my mountain bike this week....gonna have to see how my ankle is tomorrow....I kinda have a feeling I'm gonna be a slacker this week.

The best part of being on vacation for me? Since I normally have to get up at 4AM every morning to be at work by 5AM......I love staying up late and sleeping in until 8 or 9 in the morning.

till later.

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