Sunday, August 17, 2014

On vacation...........

You can say a lot of thing good and bad about the company I work for, but one thing is for sure- they are very generous when it comes to vacation time.

I've been with my company for a long time....I get close to 6 weeks off a year. Not many folks get that much time off unless you are a teacher or a union autoworker.

They say retail management is stressful......I say stress is the inability to slap the living shit out of someone that really needs a good slap upside the head.

Seriously, though...this is a good article about how to handle stress.

Basically, retail management feels like a "no win" situation on a bad day and on a good day....your customers will give you a compliment and that's when I tell the customer I have a great staff that does all the hard work.

All I do is the paperwork and fill displays.


I just love modern NASCAR (not really) thoughts on the whole Tony Stewart thing? I think Tony wanted to scare the shit out of the other driver and he misjudged how much his car would sidestep when he gunned the motor. I used to go to a ton of sprint car races at Williams Grove and I've sat in WoO sprint can't see shit out of them and that's without a helmet with a stack of tear-offs and bright stadium lighting in your face.

All I know is sprint cars are nasty beasts......and a young driver that wasn't thinking clearly got creamed by a famous guy. If it would have been a regular joe driving the sprint car that killed someone......we wouldn't be reading about it because shit like this happens more then you think.

These WRC dudes have it all over the NASCAR folks. Tell me it doesn't take a ton of talent to run balls-out in the middle of the woods with one of those rally cars. Funny thing is, that's pretty much how NASCAR started out....a bunch of moonshiners running logging roads.

till later.

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