Saturday, March 10, 2007

5 Things......

Thought about this one for a couple of days........

There is lots of stuff I wanna do before I shovel up daisies but here are 5 things I'd like to do.

#1 is totally beyond my control and will probably happen without me doing anything but isn't 100% guaranteed.

One word..........


My wife and I see how much fun my parents and in-laws have had with their grandkids over the past 20 years.......I want to have some of my own. I know both our kids read this hurry, take your time kids! After all, our son is only 13 and our daughter is only in her first year of college.

Make sure you sow all your wild oats before either one of you settle down, but once you are both married...........pump your parents out some grandbabies.....

#2- I'd like to circumnavigate the USA on a motorcycle. Yeah, you thought I was gonna say bicycle, but quite would take too long and I am too impatient.

#3 I'd like to own a convertible sports car. Nothing real fancy, just something my wife and I can visit our grandkids in.

#4 I'd like to visit Ireland. Partly because I'm Irish and partly because it would be flat out cool to see where my ancestors came from.

#5 This one is easy, I want to visit the Empire State Building again on a clear day. I was there when I was 14 years old and we didn't have much time up on the top floor, so I want to go again.

I want to tag a whole bunch of people, because I read lots of blogs written by some very interesting people.

Here's a few folks that I'd love to hear from....

-Fat Guy on a Little Bike
-Large Fella on a Bike
-Michelle from Alaska (Chain Driven)
-Pajama Library
-The Blasphemous Biker
-Jill from Up in Alaska
-The Old Bag

Plus a whole bunch more I am most certainly forgetting. Feel free to leave a comment and I will link you up in a future post.....

Till later.

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