Monday, November 10, 2008

Catching up..........

I had off this weekend, it was total slacker time.

Saw an old buddy this weekend, we've known each other since we've been 6 years old. Spent an afternoon catching up (we haven't seen each other for a few years)...kinda like we never lost track of each other...

I did manage to mount my new fenders on my urban bike....not sure what it is I like about fenders, but they sure make a bike look cool.

Wow....less people like these and more people like this......and a few like this....and we definitely need a few folks like this.

With as much stuff as our store'd be there for several days before you saw everything.

I'm gonna date myself here, but did anyone have one of these when there were a kid? My Aunt Helen gave me one when I was a kid and I still have it up in my attic.

I ain't the smartest guy in the world.....but this kinda looks like the definition of "slippery slope".

till later.

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