Monday, November 24, 2008

What a weekend.......

It started off with snow that turned into a sheet of ice on all the roads. My normal 5 minute commute on rural back roads took almost an hour. I really think that if you live in a place where bad weather happens in the need to learn how to drive in it or stay home.

Since I work straight through Thanksgiving and the following weekend-I had Sat-Sun-Mon and early Tuesday off.....nice.

What did I do?

Not a whole heck of alot.

I was planning on raking leaves, but they are currently frozen solid to the ground...hopefully it will warm up next week because that's the last pick-up.

I did work on a friends laptop, it's amazing that all you have to do is get one spyware infection and it pretty much screws up the whole thing.

Looked at the weekend's just about all bad, so no point in mentioning any of it.

till later.

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