Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stuff you didn't probably know........

I used to smoke like a furnace when I was in my 20's and early 30's.

I spent the latter half of my 30's hating the fact that I smoked.

Back in January of 2000, I decided I was a non-smoker and just quit. The first month or so wasn't easy, but dying of lung cancer didn't really appeal to me, so I didn't have much choice except to quit.

If you have a friend that have my permission to be a pain in their ass and bug the hell out of them to quit.

There ain't a day that goes by that I don't worry about not quitting early enough.

If I'm off Thanksgiving....I plan to ride the local Cranksgiving ride. Here in York Pa, we are lucky enough to have the original dude that started Cranksgiving in NYC living in the area and organizes the local ride.

One of the best things about having your own company is being able to donate money to stuff you believe in. I'll be making a small donation to our local food bank this Thanksgiving...hunger sucks.

Having said that....there hasn't been a day in my 49 years on this Earth that I've gone to bed hungry, I'm sure there are people in my town that go to bed hungry every night....that kind of stuff ain't right.

Too big to fail.....I sure hate to see people out of work, but where is all this government bailout money coming from?
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Yeah, I know the money doesn't really exist......but these guys need their balls cut off. I sure hope my grandkids and their kids don't get stuck with the bill....although I bet they will.

This is cool. Voice and video chat right in Gmail.....who woulda thunk it 20 years ago? As soon as our daughter installs it, my wife and her will be able to spend quality time talking with each other right here on my computer.


Sure, I talk to her as well, I'm just not as talkative as my wife :-)

Like this guy or not....his ideas make sense to me.

This guy? Absolutely nuts. I'd love to see him parallel park.

This dude's hiney has to be sore.

The Black Hole......shoulda used more tape.

till later.

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