Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas and some misc. ramblings....

Woke up not really feeling 100% on Christmas morn.

I sorta have a minor cold and some back issues .....I figure if you don't pay any attention to what's making you feel like a 200 lb bag of snot..eventually it will go away.

A nice hot shower went a long way to making me feel better for a few hours....I lasted the whole way through dinner at my folks house before returning home to crash for a few hours until it was time to go to work.

One of the neatest things about Christmas morning is how quiet it is. We live about a mile away from a major interstate highway and you get used to the steady thrum of truck traffic. I stepped outside at 5 noise.

I wish every day was like that.

Stopped at the local convenience store for coffee...I asked the clerks if they drew the short end of the straw to be working on Christmas morning. Turns out they all volunteer to work and those with young families had the chance to be off if they so chose. Not sure what they do if not enough folks volunteer, but the girl at the counter said they were getting triple pay so that helps a little.

What did we all get for Christmas?

My wife and I buy stuff though the year this year was no exception....I got a new bike earlier in the year and my lovely wife had some custom inserts installed in the kitchen cabinets and a new phone.

Our son got a nice pair of sound isolating headphones and an iPod....our daughter got some cash for her trip to Hawaii.

For me, the best present is to have all my family healthy.

My pop had a real close call this year with his bypass surgery and all, but he's doing super good and has lost about 25 pounds since his operation. He's a hardass on the outside but he's a softie on the inside.

I'm glad he (and my mom) are both still around...even if I didn't make it through to whole day, it was nice to be all together for a few hours.

Last night at work was great because our store was still closed so I brought in my noise cancelling headphones and listened to oldies music all night.

Oldies music, you know the stuff from my youth that brings back all the memories of growing up. Since I graduated from high school in 1977....I like a lot of the music from that era.

Some of my favorites.....and some old memories the songs remind me of.

-Cherish by The Association...for some reason this song reminds me of when my mom would take me to Sears for school clothing and if I was good...she'd buy me a roller dog from the Sears food section. There are no better hot dogs then Sears roller dogs.

-Make It With You by Bread....Wow, this song reminds me of dancing with Barb Storez at church summer camp back in 1974...yeah I still remember.

Strawberry Letter 23 by The Brothers Johnson....this song is all about basement parties at my friend John Carters house. Cheap wine and massive hangovers.

Do You Love Me by The Contours....seeing Animal House about a bazillion times. Still in my Top 5 movie list.

You Are So Beautiful sung by Dennis Wilson...I remember going to a Beach Boys concert the year before he drowned...his voice was so shot by that time he could barely get the words out. Kinda sad.

Hello, I Love You by The Doors....I remember sitting neck deep in a pool on the Jersey Shore drinking cocktails with my friend Stosh and I don't remember a whole lot more.

My Best Friend's Girl by the Cars...actually reminds me of the time my best friend started dating my girlfriend behind my back..... trust me, he did me a favor.

Arthur's Theme by Christopher Cross.....reminds me of spur of the moment road trips my buddies and I would take to the Jersey Shore in the middle of winter. I so gotta do that again.

Racing In The Street by Bruce was all about my friends 1967 GTO with headers, cherry bombs and 3 deuces banging gears while we cruised town. The sound the exhaust made when it reverberated off all the buildings still sticks with me.

Rio by Duran Duran.....mmmm don't read this one Mom-reminds me of swan diving off the 3rd floor balcony of the Rio Motel into the swimming pool. No worries mom, I lived and I was completely sober when I did it.

East Bound and Down by Jerry Reed...I saw Smokey and The Bandit almost as many times as I saw Animal House. All my friends bought Trans Ams...I had a VW Beetle.

American Pie by Don McLean.....being afriad to ask Leslie Billet the the 8th grade dance.

This Is The New S**t by Marilyn Manson....this song was playing on my iPod when I did an awesome 4 foot wheelie drop on my mountain bike. I get off and walk stuff like that now.

Asa by Steely Dan...this is a weird one. Reminds me of when my buddy and I were in the back of his dad's pick up and we eating pizza and horsing around. My friend chucked a slice at me-It missed me and sailed out the back of the truck and hit (sauce side down) the windshield of the following car. I told you it was weird.

Little Miss Magic by Jimmy Buffet.. always reminds me of how much I love my daughter. I'm a Parrothead, so anything Jimmy does is A-OK with me.

Hells Bells by AC/ 1981 a bunch of us went to see Angus and the boys down at the Spectrum in Philly....I was drunk and damn they were LOUD. They shoot off a cannon during this song. Worst hangover ever.

Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie my son and I would sun tan at the local swimming pool and listen to this back when it was still cool to hang out together with our shirts off.

Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys..the first song I heard in my VW's freshly installed stereo. 8 speakers in a Beetle is overkill.

It's Magic by Pilot...reminds me of cruising to Temple U in downtown Philly to meet up with my wife for dates. She was hot 25 years ago and guess what?

She still is.

I could go on and on.

The cold medication is starting to kick in.....

till later.

PS ...I'd love to hear some of the readers old song memories.

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