Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mr Brown Slacks.....

I realize that everyone has a story......I'd love to know some of my customers stories.

For example...

-Why does to guy that comes in every morning always (and I mean always) have on the same green shirt, brown slacks and tan jacket? Doesn't matter if it's 10 degrees below zero or over 90....always the same clothes.

-What perfume does the customer who orders the same donuts every Wednesday morning wear? To me, it smells like a combination of burnt rubber and wet dog.

-Why does Mr DJ Guy (he is always wearing huge headphones) always buy an apple pie and 6 cans of Campbell's tomato soup.....every night?

Why do the tattoo couple (she's 4ft 8in about 200lbs, he's 6ft 6in about 140 lbs both heavily tattooed) shop for a full cart of groceries almost every night of the week? What the hell do they do with all that food......wait, I think I answered my own question, I think she eats it all.

-Why does our janitor drive a new BMW and I drive a 10 year old minivan? All our janitors are private contractors, maybe I'm in the wrong business.

So many few answers.

Anyways, our daughter is off to Hawaii for a couple of weeks, she's staying on the same island as Obama is vacationing on...hopefully they'll have the power fixed soon.

Anybody going out for some killer after Christmas deals? My son and I are going out later today to spend gift cards we received for opinion? Gift cards are just about the dumbest idea ever. Nothing says "I don't give a shit" more than gift cards.

Don't know what to get me?

Either ask me or give me cold hard cash and I'll buy what I want and I'll report back to you when I buy something I liked with the money you gave me.

Simple huh?

till later.

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