Friday, October 09, 2009

The accidental haircut..........

I've been on vacation the past week.....gotta say-doing a "staycation" is way more relaxing than packing up the van and going somewhere for a week.

The downside?

You don't get to go away and see stuff.

The upside?

You save a pile of money and get to sleep in your own bed.

Unfortunately, my wife had to work most of the week, so I scheduled lots of computer work to keep me busy.

I do know one thing, if I had to drive a lot for my job.....I'd probably buy a used police car and leave all the markings on it to drive to appointments. I had a client over in Lancaster and drove on Rt 30 to get there in haevy traffic.

My speedster days are long gone, I'm fairly content to drive along at 5 mph over the speed limit...I felt like I was in a NASCAR race for a half hour. People were following me less than a car length behind me, cutting in in front of me, driving while talking on the cell, wondering all over the road etc.....I think we need to tighten up traffic enforcement....if you pass a stringent test-you can drive on the highway-if you don't pass-you get to drive on surface streets.

Anyways......this was my birthday weekend and once a year my in-laws take all their kids out to dinner theater. As it so happens, I needed a haircut. My lovely wife always cuts my hair and she always does a great job. As I was fetching my clippers...I didn't notice that the attachment on the clippers that regulates how much hair is removed ....sorta fell off.

My wife took one nice long swipe at the back of my head and well...I kinda now how a really short haircut all over as she didn't want me going to dinner with a nice haircut (from the front view) with a bald stripe going up the back of my head.

Eh, it will grow back.

My pop surprised me with one helluva a birthday present. 2 years ago, I borrowed several thousand bucks to set up by business and buy some advertising. I started paying him back this year and his birthday present to me was to completely forgive my entire loan to him.

Thanks, dad! My business partner (my son) and I pretty much throw all the money back into the business at this point. My son is going to be an expert as using a Macbook, he's been using it pretty much non-stop for the past few days.

I don't think I'll be able to quit my job any time soon, but it will be one heck of a nice source of income when I retire from making donuts.

This past weekend is also traditionally..."Door Picture Day". My parents have been taking pictures of Katie and Dan every year since they've been babies.

Image Hosted by

They ain't babies any more.

Our daughter is in her 4th/5th year of her PA degree and our son is in 11th grade and might possible end up 7 feet tall. The kid is tall....but I can still take him.....barely.

Oh, I almost forget...I'm now 50 as of today. Other than 85 year old is pretty good.

till later.

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