Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Clutter happens.......

Since I'm on vacation this week...I figured it would be a good time to clean out all my drawers and closet and switch everything over to "winter" clothes and also clean up around my nightstand where I seem to pile all of my read and unread magazines and any other crap laying around on my dresser.

5 hours later...I have my nightstand cleaned, my clothes switched over in my dresser and the top of my dresser cleaned off. Barely touched my side of the closet. I have a 1 year rule...if you haven't used it in the past year, has no sentimental value and it didn't cost a ton of money to purchase...it goes in the trash or gets donated.

I'm gonna donate a bunch of clothing....except some of my clothing won't be donated. I have some extremely worn out t-shirts that no longer fit me and probably will never fit me again...but I can't bring myself to chuck them....too many good memories in those old shirts.....

We are going out to dinner this weekend....bad news-the pants that fit me in January no longer fit...I'm gonna have to do a "Billy Bob" and go to Wal Mart for a new pair with a higher number waist size....then lose some damn weight. My problem is my knees have never come back 100% after my surgery this year....the bastards hurt to some degree pretty much all the time.

I have a brand new 13" Macbook Pro sitting here ready to get opened up and turned on...I figured I'd have plenty of time this week. As it turns out, the computer consulting is rapidly filling up my spare time this week. I'm all set-I got a book and a magazine with a test of the exact model I bought included....just gotta carve out some time.

Why not right now instead of writing this blog entry?

This blog entry was put together over a couple days here and there and right at the moment-I'm having a cocktail and I'll be headed to bed. My rule for working on computers? Never work on computers when you're tired or when you've imbibed.

till later.

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