Thursday, October 08, 2009

My son and I are ...........

We are the proud owner of a new 13" Macbook Pro with the faster processor, 4 gigs of RAM and I sprung for iWork as well.

First impressions?

This thing is SOLID.

Since it's made out of aluminum, it doesn't flex at ALL.

Super simple to set up and since I have an early copy of Windows 7, I used Boot Camp to install that as well. Win 7 works fairly well on a 4 year old laptop but it flies on the Macbook. If you've stuck with XP for the past few years...Win 7 will be a whole new ball game, but I recommend either waiting to get it on a new PC or buying a system builders copy from Newegg and doing a clean install.

I like the Mac's glass screen with the LED backlighting....I now see why they cost more then the usual PC stuff you buy from HP or Dell-part of it is because they don't cheap out on materials...the display is NICE! The backlit keyboard is really sweet as well, not sure what's different about the key action, but it feels so much smoother then my HP laptop.

I'm just some joker that makes donuts for a living but I can see switching over to all Apple machines as mine wear out. They are nice pieces.

I've was working on a new clients machine part of my service-I open desktops up and blow all the dust out of them and reseat all the connectors and RAM. This particular machine had never been opened up or cleaned since it was new 5 or 6 years ago.

I tried using compressed air out of a can....didn't cut it, I ended up using my leaf blower on it. The machine might not be salvalgeable as the dust had built up so badly that none of the fans were able to spin and I'm afraid something overheated in the past because the machine will only run for a minute of so before shutting off. I want to at least pull the hard drive out and get all the data out before I give up.

The worst news you can give someone isn't that their computer is's the fact that the data is toast as well.

One more helpful hint....change your routers default passwords...any geek out there already knows your default password.

Nice....2 shootings in one day. I drive past were the second shooting occurred every morning on my way to drop off our son at school. Not saying that York is unsafe but it isn't exactly safe either.

I am having some bumper stickers made.....In big letters-"Don't Blame ME" smaller letter below..."I didn't vote for him."

I'm a registered Libertarian, so I voted my party in the last election.

I'm not sure what the hell is going on in DC but Obama has a majority in BOTH houses and he hasn't got shit done yet.

Maybe I don't have a firm grasp on how things work down in Washington, but if I was in charge and had the advantage in both houses....I'd be busting some Democratic skulls together to get stuff done.

I know I busted Bush's balls on an almost daily basis when he was in office...but he was a complete dumbass. At least (I think anyways) that Obama has at least half a brain...I'd sure like to see something accomplished soon before China owns all our debt obligations.

This is a shame....all I can think about is how the 8 kids are handling all this. Mom and Dad are being complete assholes.

Drive one and 1/2 blocks? Damn, that's lazy. I used to have to walk or ride my bike over a mile to get to high school every least until I got my first car.

till later.

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