Monday, October 26, 2009

Been a couple weeks....and a whole lot of nothing.

I guess the point of having a blog is to post stuff to it once and awhile....I've been busier then usual, so not much time to post stuff....sorry.

It's been work, sleep, eat and work on computers much of the past two weeks.

Our son has been wanting an iPhone for at least the last 2 years....Christmas came early this year. I bought him a barely used one on eBay and took it in to the AT&T store to have it activated.

He loves it.... Me? It's nice and everything, but I think I'll stick with my fingers are too fat to use a virtual keyboard.

Anyone see this? College Grads Coming Up Short in Professionalism. What the hell? It's not the colleges's shitty parenting. If you let your kids act like assholes....guess what? They are gonna grow up to be assholes.

We just had a beautiful weekend weather wise here on the east it's back to rain. Kinda makes me wanna crawl into a huge vat of mashed potatoes and eat my way out with a spoon made out of butter.

I like winter more then I used to, my knees on the other hand aren't looking forward to it a whole lot. Maybe someone sells battery powered knee warmers....oops-looks like someone does. Not sure if my lovely wife would want me to spend 260 bucks (plus another hundy for 2 extra batteries) for them though. They sure do like tempting though....

I see things are going just peachy over in Afghanistan....if the USSR got their asses handed to them 20 years ago...well, maybe they oughta be a clue as to what we are headed for.

I sure would like these folks to get done with there 15 minutes of fame real soon. They are both starting to annoy me. Grow the hell up and raise your kids.

As long as he stays in Texas, he should do fine. Would I sit and listen to him? Maybe.

Ummm....did everyone forget he was a kid toucher? Just sayin'.

Holy crap....getting the Democrats to do anything must be like herding cats.

I call bullshit.

Don't fall for this one folks.

till later.

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