Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm not that smart.........

I just make donuts for a living and I'm a nutjob registered Libertrian, so I might not be the smartest guy in the room.....but so far President Obama ain't impressing me a whole lot.

Let's see- for the first year of his presidency-he had a super majority in the Senate and House and as far as I can tell-he hasn't got shit done.

Now, to be honest...he inherited a shitbag full of problems from the previous president, but if I was the pres and had a 60/40 lead in the Senate and a majority in the House....I'd be busting me some major league balls and getting at least something done.

If the Republicans had the same situation and the same numbers in their favor and they wanted to get a health care plan done-it would be done by now and they'd be off screwing something else up.

Gotta hand it to the Republicans-they know how to get stuff done, even if the stuff they get done is mostly useless- they still know how to use the entire political system to their benefit.

Too bad the entire political system is useless as teats on a boarhog......

till later.

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