Saturday, April 10, 2010


I don't watch much traditional TV.....but i download a metric buttload of stuff to watch on my laptop. I watch a few American TV shows, but the BBC has tons of great stuff. The Brits actually treat their television viewers like they have a half a brain.

Yeah, Bit Torrent might be a tiny bit shady (you can download all kinds of pirated stuff)-but I figure downloading a few TV shows here and there ain't gonna kill anybody.

My favorite places to get stuff?

Here and here. I buy upload credits at both sites which allow me to download pretty much whatever I want without having to worry about uploading the corresponding amount of bandwidth.

Some good shows to watch?

Do a search for these shows....

The Restoration Man- BBC show that highlights the restoration of old building and landmarks in Britain.

Top Gear- 3 British guys screw around with cars.

Master Chef- A serious cooking competition for amateur chefs.

Cruise Ship Diaries- Life aboard an Italian cruise ship.

Selling Houses- An Australian real estate show.

Anyways....tons of great TV shows to watch-ya just gotta know where to look.

till later.

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