Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gots me a new motor........

As many of you may know (or not) I used to ride my bikes quite a bit before I developed some fairly serious arthritis in both knees.

Here is a pic of my current ride.....notice anything unusual? Yup, my bike has a motor. Since I took this pic, the original motor I had on the bike was ruined by the 10% ethanol gasoline that is now sold.


Buy another motor.....and use this stuff.

Problem was that the motor I bought lasted about 2 weeks before one of the head studs pulled out and it ceased running. Since the place I bought the motor from has very good customer service- they are shipping me a new improved version of what I previously bought and they are throwing in a new high performance carb.

From my past experience, this means I will be able to cruise along at 25 mph all day long with enough power in reserve to get up some of the steep hills we have around here. I carry enough fuel with me to go about 120 miles without stopping.

So, at some point in the next week or so, I'll have my bike back up and running and hopefully blogging and taking some pictures of where I travel. Having the motor on my bike gives me back my ability to get out and smell the flowers....so if you see me out there putting along and not pedaling....I'm not lazy- it just hurts.

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