Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nice to be back...........

After 2 weeks off the bike due to mechanical was nice to get out for a ride Sunday afternoon.

I'm not sure how the *real* cyclists cope with this weather.

All I was doing was making the pedals go around so it improves my range of motion and I was sweating like a stuck pig.

I can't really put any force into my pedal stroke because it hurts like a MF'er.

My lovely wife says it's good for my arthritis to get as much exercise as possible flexing both knees through a full range of motion and cycling is the perfect thing as I can use them and not have to put any pressure on them......the 4.4 horsepower motor I have mounted on the rear tire does all the work.

I know the hot weather makes peoples tempers flare, so I have been sticking to wide roads with large shoulders and mostly empty back roads.....I don't want to end up on this map.

I did about 50 miles today, rode over to Lancaster and back.....sounds like a pretty healthy sized ride, but you have to take into account that my average speed is probably close to 25 mph for most of the ride. The bike is probably capable of 40 mph, but 25 mph is quite fast enough thankyouverymuch.

I did have one small problem that I think is heat related, the centrifugal clutch on my bike got really hot on the last climb and got stuck in the fully engaged position...which meant that every time I came to a stop the motor would die......solution?

I didn't stop very much.

till later.

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