Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So....where the hell was I for the last 8 months?

Let's back up to Thanksgiving week of last year.

After my dad passed away unexpectedly 3 days before Thanksgiving, I mostly lost the desire to write this anything on this blog or pretty much anything else for that that explains that.

In February of this year, a day shift job (asst bakery manager) opened up at another store and I applied for it and lo and behold- 18 years of night shift came to a close. I chose to work night shift so there was always a parent home in the morning for our kids while they went to school and since our son was a senior at the time- I thought it was a good time to have a normal life again.

With my dad's passing, I was able to use my parent's 2nd car to commute back and forth to everything worked out ducky.

After so many years of working 6 nights a week and never really having a full day off ever....moving to first shift and being able to have an entire day off from sunup to sundown is like having a mini vacation every week.

I work at a smaller store and while it has had it's challenges, overall- I'm glad I made the move. There is a lot of work stuff I can't go into here on this blog, all I can say is that I am working towards getting my own dept to manage....the sooner I make that move-the better for me and my mental health.

One of the benefits of having a normal schedule is that I have lost a shitload of weight, as I write this-I have lost a total of 46 pounds and I need to lose another 19 pounds to reach my goal weight of 199 pounds.

Next time-who knows what I will blather on about.....I used to touch on quite a bit of politics on my blog, to be honest- I have lost hope of any thing good ever coming out of Washington, so I probably won't be discussing that subject just pisses me off too much.

Maybe I'll write about how senior citizens and fat people that ride around in fat carts piss me off....who knows?

till later.

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