Thursday, July 21, 2011

Put the damn fork down.

Seems like we are getting hammered with a nasty heat wave here on the East coast.

While it's warm working in a have to consider the fact that the bakery I work in is located in an air conditioned store......things could be much worse.

I've noticed that since I've lost weight.....I don't seem to mind it nearly as much as I used to. Some of our customers however.....lets just say that some of them wouldn't die if they skipped a meal or four.

We had a customer this week that was a very large framed woman, okay, lets be blunt and call it like it is-she was morbidly obese, probably in the area of 450-500 pounds. She was heavy enough that her ass was hanging off of both sides of the seat of her motorized mobility cart.

I'd say more ass was hanging off the side then was actually on the seat-you get the point, she was a big woman.

The part that gets my goat-she called me over the the front of the donut case so I could pick her out 2 dozen donuts.

2 motherfucking dozen donuts?

By the looks of all the other junk food she had and the half-dozen 6 packs of regular soda hanging off the sides of her cart-she isn't really watching what she eats.

When people like this claim that they are disabled and should be able to claim government assistance....that pisses me off.

Put the damn fork down.

till later.

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