Monday, June 20, 2005

Awesome ride last night...........

The best part of riding a chopper is all the reaction it gets. My favorite is the "What-the-heck-is-that?" face people make when you pass them. We rode down at our local rail trail last night and while Greg's chopper is much cooler looking then mine.......his seat is way to small to ride for any length of time.

Riding a chopper down at the rail trail is way more fun then it sounds. Sure, you don't go very fast but since I sit bolt upright on mine, I was noticing way more stuff then I usually do when I am bent over on my Surly Cross-Check.

Stopped at what used to be a total hole in the wall store in Seven Valleys, now it's been remodeled into a very nice cafe with fine dining.
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The new owners hired a chef , they have deep tissue massages.........all kinds of good stuff.

Here is their website, I sure hope they make a go of it-it looks like they have invested quite a bit of time and effort into it.

The cafe is absolutely beautiful. I didn't get anything to eat last night but Dusty Gordon's wife (yeah, I forgot her name) got a wrap and it looked really good.

I'm looking at their website as I type this and I think I'm going try one of the massages. 35 bucks for a 1/2 hour back, shoulder and neck massage seems like a reasonable price to me.

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Not even close. Being around rental trucks on the highway makes me nervous.

This is spiffy. Can't beat homemade air conditioning.

I've never seen this show but if they make the movie, will it be 24 hours long? Seems like a long time to be in the theater.

Wal-Mart is going after Target. I don't get into our local Target much because there is a Wal-Mart closer to our house. I do like the way Target merchandises it products, they have way fewer junky displays and there aisles are much more open as a result.

Ya know, if they are gonna have a "beer trail" why doesn't someone come up with an "ice cream" trail? It's one of the reasons I ride my bike. I want to stop back into Serenity Station for more ice cream.

I'm a motor racing fan........I woulda been a little bent out of shape if I paid to watch this race.

I'm kind of addicted to watching No-Limit Texas Hold'em on TV. This guy is a legend. It's fun to watch on TV because there are so many players and they all have their own styles. Good clean fun.

Till later................


Greg said...

Enjoyed the article on the home brew air conditioning. The guy should mention that you need what is called "soft" copper tubing, some folks might not figure that out on their own. Also, you still need to freeze the ice and run the fan, so I wonder how much energy is saved in the final analysis. In some areas, dumping water like that is a big no-no, and circulating from a hose bib, through a garden hose , through the system and out to the ground is *really* against the law where I am. I liked his geothermal idea, although insulation would me a must for that system to work.

Better to repipe an existing air conditioner for higher efficiency. How about running the liquid refrigerant line thorugh the condensate tray for openers.

Guess i've been working with this stuff too long.

What would Homer say about that Beer Trail?

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm..........Beeeeeeer Trail."

Sheryl said...

Holy CRAP...a place where you can get deep tissue massage AND eat a sandwich at the same time is MY KIND OF PLACE!

George said...

Sheryl, don't know if you are from around here, but if ya are-you really should check the place out.

It used to be this total "hole in the wall" general store and the new owners put a ton of money into it.

My wife and I are going to try it out the next time we are both off the same weekend.