Friday, December 21, 2007

Ho,ho,ho damnit.

They've switched our muzak at work over to Christmas songs 24/7.

We get to listen to some of the worst renditions of Christmas music possible interspersed with commercials of Rachel Ray selling snack crackers every 10 minutes. Is there anything that woman doesn't sell?

There's also a commercial for Cool Whip, but it since the PA speakers are blown's mostly unintelligible.

Ain't nothing worse then listening to Frosty the Snowman played on a banjo 15 or 20 times a night.

Actually, there is something and western Christmas music.

Thank God I only have 2 more shifts before I'm off for the holiday....I need an AC/DC transfusion.

You thinking what I'm thinking? This guy oughta join up with the BMG.

AT&T's best-selling ringtones of the year......anyone else think having songs as ringtones on a cellphone is a dumbass idea? If my cell gets a call, I want it to sound like a phone, not like someone is in my pants pocket singing.

till later.

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