Monday, December 03, 2007

Snow? *Please*.

Every year I always look forward to the first snow scare of the season.

For those of us that are so very fortunate to work in retail......honestly, we all think most members of the general public are idiots. Present readers of this blog are excluded, of course.

Seriously, even if we had a huge blizzard, how many days do ya think you would be holed up? 2days? 3days? Everybody has enough Kraft Macaroni and Cheese stuffed into a cupboard somewhere to last a couple days easy.

I know I have some readers from Alaska and a few from the people in your area act like they are on meth bender when snow is in the forecast?

In our area, the forecast was for some mixed participation early Sunday that would eventually turn to rain later in the day.

In our store.......eggs-gone....milk-wiped out......bread-sold out......toilet paper-cleaned out....and my favorite.....donuts-I made tons (almost double) extra for Saturday and we had less then 2 dozen left over. I guess that's why the toilet paper was sold out-everyone bought enough food for a week or two.

My wife and I stopped in Wal-Mart late Saturday, what a cross section of humanity that place is on the weekends. All the fat people were using the motorized carts and some poor handicapped woman had to wait until one was free to do her shopping. Yeah, sure I know some folks are 75 pounds overweight and that's okay but damn they all have to wear Dale Earnhardt belly shirts and ride around on "mobility" carts?

Look in a mirror before you head out the door....nobody needs to see your stretch marks.

I've bought 2 used games to play on our son's Xbox 360.....some poker game and a driving game...that'll keep me busy for at least a few months. I tried playing one of his shoot-em up games the other morning and I kept getting killed. Nobody gets shot in the back of the head with a laser gun playing Texas Hold-em on the 360, so I think I'll stick to that for now.

My wife and I watched the first DVD of Planet Earth last's the first time I wished we had one of those fancy HDTV's.....the images are breathtaking.

This game might make you toss your PC out the on dots to try and trap the cat. It took me several tries to get the cat trapped....okay it took more then several tries-more like 20 or 25 tries, but I did eventually trap the cat.

Today's art might be or it might not be art and you may or may not like it......but it was at the New York Public Library, so I think it qualifies as "art".

Image Hosted by
Somebody needs to give Helen Thomas a raise....

till later.

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