Thursday, December 27, 2007

How was everyones Christmas?

Sorry for not posting for a couple days, I had two work shifts separated by about 8 hours......just enough time to get some sleep and a bite to eat but not much else.

I'd have to say my lovely wife was fairly blown away with her Christmas gifts...since she reads this blog, I had to be careful not to give any hints away. I suck at keeping secrets, to be honest-I can't believe I pulled it off.

First the small stuff....the kids and I went out Monday and got some really neat stocking stuffers. The normal kind of stuff, nice warm PJ's, socks, a new umbrella and a new pair of Crocs. I was looking at them and bought myself a pair of them because a co-worker was telling me how comfortable they are to wear.

I have to admit-they look kinda goofy but they are way comfy. I thought about it for a couple minutes and we went back into the shoe store and I bought my wife a pair as well, she spends lots of time on her feet at work and has a bad hopefully they'll help.

Next up..........I got my wife a kayak. I don't think she saw this one coming, she took lessons early this year and seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. One of my friends had a kayak he was willing to barter with-I'm either going to trade one of my bikes or I'll be setting up a network in his new house when he settles in.

After that.....the kids and I wrote notes for my wife telling her just how wonderful a person she is and what she means to all of us....she is definitely one special person to all of us.

And for the finale.......since it's gonna be our 25th anniversary this upcoming April....I got her a
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......a nice ring....a few months early.

I think she likes it....and she was totally surprised. Like I said previously, I suck at keeping secrets.

We always spend Christmas Eve at my in-laws with all the family.....all I can say is all of my nieces and nephews are growing up! My father-in-law enlisted my help in getting my mother-in-law a new digital camera.

I found her a really nice one with easy to use features.....she was a little timid about all the buttons until I told her I had everything set to "automatic" and all she had to do was use the on/off button and the button that takes the picture and she could ignore all the other buttons.

Christmas day we spend at my parents with my in-laws and my sister-in-law. Had a great day with my folks and watched a few episodes of "Survivorman"....that's a wild show-I know that if I got stuck in the wilderness-I'd be pretty much screwed....unless there was a Burger King close by.

My mom made home-made ravioli this year......I think I went into food coma......speaking of food-I really need to start watching what I eat in the mornings before I hit the sack.

The knees ain't gonna be up to much extra work, I think I'll set one of my bikes up on the trainer and do some light spinning until it warms up. I miss the daily exercise...hopefully my knees will be okay with some easy workouts.......I really need to drop about 20 pounds and like my lovely wife pointed out-it'll be easier on my knees. She's right, as usual-that's why I love her so much.

I worked a a really weird work schedule the past couple days-the 26th I went in at 4 AM and then went back in at 9 PM.....I like working with my co-workers but all them were sick yesterday!

I hope I don't catch anything from them.....neither one of them probably should have been there-they were sneezing and coughing up a fit. one of the benefits of working by myself is that I rarely get anything more serious then a cold from time to time.....although it does get kinda lonely with just me and the donuts.

Till later.

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