Thursday, December 27, 2007

Number 1000

Woo Hoo.....this is post number 1000!

How exciting! .....well not really all that exciting, but it's still a milestone, just the same ole stinkeye as most other posts.

Everybody seems to be doing those "Year in Review" articles in the media. Me? Nah, I'm gonna do the "Donut Guy's Top Ten Things He Hopes Happens in 2008"

Mmmm, that's not a clunky title is it?

Here goes....(in no particular order)

#10 I'd like to see Britney Spears, her sister, her sisters baby, her mom, Kevin Federline, her kids and the rest of her family all move back to Louisiana and stay there.

#9 Just elect a damn president already!...and make a new rule for 2012-no campaigning until January 2nd 2012.

#8 I'd like to see more normal people doing heroic things in the media instead of the normal "douchebag of the week" reporting we have now.

#7 I hope we never hear about Anna Nicole Smith, her kids, her mom, her ex husbands, lawyers, lovers or ex security guards ever again. I'm not holding out much hope on this one......let the poor woman rest in peace.

#6 The "War on Terror".....can someone please explain to me exactly what this war is? Is it the same as the "War on Drugs"? what's next?....the "War on Global Warming"?

#5 I hope we don't have to read about some dumb-ass celebrity going into rehab, getting arrested for drunk driving, getting pregnant before they are married (yeah, I'm old fashioned that way), getting out of a car and exposing their genitalia or any other stupid shit. Probably wishful thinking on my part.

#4 I'd like to see Apple stay with the same damn product for more then 6 months. I have an iPod Nano that's less then 1 1/2 years old that's already obsolete. I like their stuff but they piss me off because as soon as I buy something-they improve it a couple months later.

#3 I'd like to see Bluetooth earpieces outlawed unless your are driving. Let's face it, folks that use them and walk around talking to no one in particular look like assholes.

#2 I'd like to see a mandatory 1 year prison sentence in Federal PMITA prison for first time DUI offenders. 2nd offense? 5 years. 3rd offense? Life in prison. Drunk drivers kill.

#1 Jeez, would it be that damn hard for us to all get along and manage to not kill each other? I don't know, I've managed to co-exist with my fellow man for 48 years without killing anyone, it's can't be that damn hard.

till later....

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