Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's Christmas when?

Maybe I'm somewhat insulated from all the commotion surrounding the holiday season.......but for some reason it sure doesn't seem like Christmas should be here yet. Perhaps it global warming screwing around with the seasons this year, but it's really hard to believe that next Tuesday is the big day.

Everyone in our family with the exception of my wife have already received their "big" presents. I got my camera, our daughter also received a new camera and our son got his Xbox 360 and we are all playing with our new toys...

...everyone except my lovely wife and she's gonna have to wait until next Tuesday for hers. I never let her touch or shake any of her presents, she has this innate ability to tell exactly what is in each box. So no hints, shakes or looks for her.

Go Navy. How damn cool is that? I woulda had a hard time watching the rescue from the cruise ship as well.

Oh man, this makes me wanna puke.

Jamie is pregnant......she's shocked. No one else is.

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I bet Britney and Jamie's mom started them early.

What's all this crap about Intelligent Design? What about Pastafarism?

This guy could easily be my role model.

More political stuff.............skip the link if you're not inclined. You clicked it anyways, didn't you?

This would be the best gag ever.....

CBS does a write up on Ron Paul. The comments are just as good as the article. Can the guy win? Who the hell knows, but he didn't win ten terms in Congress by accident...he must be doing something right.

Maybe I drank one too many bottles of cheap wine or something back in the late 70's.....but I really liked #2 on this list.

Maybe I have a twisted sense of humor, but I was the only person in the family that laughed when my nephew Steven (who was 5 years old at the time) tried to stick a nickel into a power outlet and tripped a breaker at my in-laws house. He learned his lesson, I'm pretty sure he stopped doing dumb shit after that.

Till later

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