Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It never gets old...........

Been setting up new computers and fixing up sick ones for about a year now. Nothing more fun then opening up boxes with thousands of dollars worth of computers inside and getting to set all those PC's up. Sounds kinda boring but since I'm a geek........I dig it.

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Gotta thank Hank for the pic....

In addition to being a geek....I'm also a science nut. This is a good article about Voyager.

I need one of these. For anyone that knows me.......that's no big surprise.

Fits on a keychain nowadays.

This is kinda long but, dammit I love it when a plan comes together.

If Dick Cheney Didn’t Have Government Care, ‘He’d Probably Be Dead Now’.

It's amazing any of us are here.

I'm gonna apply for a job here......I'd fit right in.

Surf's up......way UP.

Free Microsoft software........there's a catch (you knew there would be)...you have to participate in a survey from Microsoft for 3 months and let them track your usage.

Ed from Oklahoma (CycleDog) is in the middle of an ice storm....check out his pictures.

This is pretty nifty......I use the "thump" method. I back up and the rear bumper goes "thump" against whatever is behind me. That's the beauty of driving an old minivan-no need for fancy electronics.

till later.

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