Sunday, December 16, 2007

One big headache............

Been gone for a few days........Thursday night I developed the migraine from hell. I get headaches once and awhile but this one was a killer. It was the first time I've ever gone to the doctor for a headache.

I really wanted to dig out my eyeballs with a screwdriver and stick my head in a bucket of ice water-the pain was pretty damn bad for several hours Thursday night. I feel for folks that suffer from migraines all the time-not sure what triggered mine but hopefully it won't happen again for awhile.

Anyways, on Friday my doc fixed me up with some good drugs and I slept for 14 hours Friday night. Once I finally woke up Saturday-the headache was 95% gone and I felt good as new.......I even helped my wife put up a new shower rod in one of our bathrooms and hardly dinged the wallpaper at all.

I did manage to make one of the holes I drilled about 3 times bigger then it needed to be but the flange on the shower rod covered it up so no-harm-no foul. If you can't see the screw up...does it really exist?....I think not.

Our daughter is home on break for Christmas, it's really nice to have the whole family under one roof even if it's only for a few weeks.

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Our son put up the Christmas tree and the cat has found a new home. For some reason, the cat enjoys chewing on the plastic branches, hopefully she won't chew on one of the light strings when they're on.....110 volts and cats probably aren't a good combination.

I did go back to work Saturday night and just as I was getting done.......our store lost power. Kinda sucks, but it coulda been a lot worse as none of the bakery equipment is powered by the emergency generators.

Donuts aren't exactly an emergency, I think the generators just power a few lights, the computers and the freezers, so I lucked out big time.

Been lots of stuff in the papers lately about baseball and all the drug use that's been going on.......I say-let'em dope it up and take as many drugs as they want-the only people they are hurting are gonna be themselves.

It's not like it's the Olympics- they aren't cheating another country out of any gold medals.....if they can hit 900 foot homers-I say go for it. Make it just like professional wrestling and have cage matches after the games....whatever sells tickets. Of course I jest about the professional wrestling aspect of it, but really...the only people the baseball players are hurting are themselves.

There's also the usual crap in the news about the upcoming election and the normal spew coming out of Washington......I am so glad we only have one more year of Bush.....I just hope the country can make it for 13 more months without imploding.

Before I drifted off into a haze Friday night....I watched our son play Call of Duty 4 on his Xbox 360 for awhile. I remember when I bought my first video game system....anyone old enough to remember Pong?

Those were the days.

I am so getting one of these when I can save up the money. 400 bucks is a lot of money to spend on a gadget, but I still want one really bad.

I was planning on putting XP on our daughters laptop, but the more I researched it-I think it's gonna have to stay running with Vista. She bought it at Best Buy and while it's a very nice laptop for the price she paid- it turns out that Best Buy had these Sony Vaios specially made for Black Friday and they have all the drivers for Vista online at Sony but none for XP, so it's gonna be extremely difficult to "downgrade" it to XP.

I'm gonna throw 3 gigs of RAM into it, so that will help it run at least halfway decent.

Sounds like I'm bagging on runs fine as long as you throw tons of RAM at it and have a decent dual core processor. I've set up a couple Vista machines with 1 gig of RAM and they were painfully slow.

It's almost enough to give a guy a migraine............

till later.

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