Monday, December 17, 2007

Stupid TV........

This is my kind of television drama., not really. You have to wonder what the folks at ABC and smoking/drinking/huffing. I know there's a writers strike going on, but damn......

I kinda stick to documentaries, and the stuff on the Discovery Channel for the most part. I feel for the people that go home after the taping of the show in the above link and get to see what an idiot they were on TV when they turned down 100,000 grand and ended up with butkus. Me? Stick anything over 50 grand in my face and I'm takin' it and not looking back.

Just for the public wife is a pretty damn good mechanic.

One of her headlights blew out over the weekend, I went to the parts store, the guy gave me a duplicate of the light I brought him but it didn't fit when I went to replace it.

Couple problems....he gave me the wrong number bulb (they look almost identical) and the bulb I gave him was the high beam bulb. The low beam bulb was the one that was burnt out. What took me about 1/2 hour to fumble around with and unsuccessfully fix with took my wife about 15 minutes including the return trip to the parts store. My wife? She's good....I think I'll keep her.....or more correctly, .......hopefully-she'll keep me.

America........the world's number 1 tourist destination. Sometimes I wonder if our federal employees have any common sense.

This is're only as old as you act. In my case....that's about 14.

Here's a saint that should be popular on college campuses.

I'm old..........I used to kill at this video game.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the can.

I don't know about you, but Heino kinda scares me.

"I want a dyke for President"........don't click the link if you're not open-minded.

John McCain eats his own words. It's not really his fault, just about all politicians like to hear themselves talk and Meet the Press just caught him not remembering what he said 15 years ago.

Mmmmmm bacon.

I don't work at a bar, but I know exactly how this guy feels.

A collection of "Parent of the Year" candidates.......

The Rolling Stone set would be worth it just for the Hunter S. Thompson articles.

till later

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