Monday, May 26, 2008

Logging at Lake Redman......

Kain Park (Lake Redman) is a beautiful place to send some time....

The York Water Company owns all the land in Kain Park and leases it to the York County Park system.

This works out well most of the time except when York Water gets greedy and decides to clearcut sections of the park.

Then it looks like this.

I counted the trees left after what the president of the County Parks Advisory Board said would be "selective logging".....I counted 14 trees.

Doesn't look like they were very selective. (click to make big)

No worries, garbage vegetation will grow in and in a couple years will look like this.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather pay a few extra bucks a month for water and keep the trees.

Yeah, I know it's private land and York Water can do whatever they want to with their property, but just the same- we don't have that many places left in York County that we can go to "disconnect" for a couple hours.

I was at the park on Monday morning and saw sunbathers, picnickers, hikers, dog walkers, equestrians, fishers and mountain bikers.....I don't think anyone came to see large sections of freshly logged hillside.

Does logging have to happen?

Of course it does, but why in a county park......they aren't even done logging-it's gonna look worse before they are done.

till later.

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