Monday, May 26, 2008

Sometimes all a guy wants is a beer....

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This is good stuff.

I drink approximately 6 beers a year. I drank 2 of them yesterday. My wife and I were out running errands and for some reason....I got thirsty for a beer. Since I don't drink very many beers....I don't have a problem paying 10 bucks for a 6 pack of beer when I'm thirsty for good beer.

Anyways, this is my favorite brewing company-spend a few bucks extra next time and get a 6-pack of this stuff. Before my Aunt Helen passed away several years ago, she was thirsty for a beer, so this is the beer I got her. She passed away the next day so at least her last beer was a good one.

Went for a ride Sunday morning.....took it really easy-my left knee was sorta bothering me but it was too damn nice out to stay inside.

Here's a couple pics. I did about 15 miles and stuck to flat roads the whole time. I thought I overdid it, my knee was killing me by the time I got back, but it made a nice recovery.

I think the 2 beers later in the afternoon helped.

Most folks think 75 is ain't.

The Phoenix has landed. While I think that's great....I'd really like to see a replacement for the Hubble.

Is she serious? I'm sure glad I don't take Fox news seriously.

I put 64 dollars of gas in my minivan yesterday.....the station owners aren't getting rich-just the oil companies. I'm just glad I only have to fuel up that beast once every 2 weeks.

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We have this guy to thank.

Today's science break.....I think I saw this movie in high school.

Today is Memorial Day........two pictures that will give you a moments pause.

till later.

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