Saturday, September 06, 2008


I woke up on Saturday to Hurricane Hannah passing through........nice cool weather. It sorta sideswiped Pennsylvania, all we got was a drenching rain and some wind. This one looks like it could be a biggie.

Anybody try Google Chrome yet? Nice browser, super quick but it doesn't have a sidebar and you can't install plug-ins.

I start jury duty on Monday....from what I've heard from a couple of friends that have gone through it-it's fairly boring. I'm glad I have a stack of unread magazines to go through.

I don't buy many games, but I'll be buying this one. I've been waiting for a couple of years for it to come out.

Donuts and beer have something in common. Our donuts have increased in price 3 times this year and our sales are higher then ever.


This pretty much sums up America in 2008.

till later.

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