Thursday, September 11, 2008

My ass hurts.

Sitting in front of a don't sweat nearly as much as when you're trying to keep up with your buddies on a bike ride.

2nd day out in a row on the bike and only very moderate knee rear end is a little tender though

We did about 20 miles of rolling hills both days-any time you do a bike ride and nobody crashes or gets hurt and only one motorist got the finger from's a good bike ride.

I think I'll try to fit at least an hour a day of riding in now that it's cooler.....sweating like a pig has absolutely no appeal to me- I think I'm turning into a cold weather rider. Go figure, I used to hate being out in the cold.

I've been staying away (mostly) from political bullshit, because that's what most of it is....bullshit.

McCain can't do any worse than Bush did, but the dude is old (to be running for 8 years in office) and his VP......I'm sure she did okay these past two years running a state with less than a million people living in it...but I'm not ready for President Palin......chances are that it could easily happen. I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but at least I know what the "Bush Doctrine" is....

Obama? Not so sure about him either. Granted, his speeches are very good and he's one helluva thinker.....but he ain't got much experience either.

As usual-it's down to the picking of the lesser of two evils.......I'm a registered Libertarian, so if I vote for my party's candidate and Obama loses by one vote to McCain....I'll feel bad. Yeah, I know the "one vote" thing is preposterous, but I look at the election from 2000.....stranger things have happened.

My wife and I went to the York Fair Thursday afternoon.....budgets are tight. Me? I just think most of the food is overpriced. I had a big bowl of my wife's famous macaroni and cheese before I left the house and didn't buy anything to eat, just a drink. I did wanna buy a magnetic bracelet. but I forgot to before we left.

Damn, this is a big one.......Mother Nature sure has a twisted sense of humor.

till later.

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