Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Jury Duty....

First off..........I didn't get picked. I'm not sure what factors are involved but I'm sure I tripped a few "do not choose" alerts with some of my answers to the questionnaire they handed out.

Since it was a murder case and one of the questions I answered yes to was "Do you have any family or friends that were murdered?".....I probably got precluded right there.

I'm just glad I had my iPod with me so I could watch videos because I burned through all the reading material I had before lunchtime. Nothing like having 130 people crammed into a room with shitty ventilation for 9 hours.

I coulda went for a walk over lunch but since no one allows smoking in any of their buildings downtown, guess where everyone smokes?

Right outside their office.

That and I didn't wanna have to get undressed again to clear security to get back in the building.

Not sure if my mom and dad had a metal plate installed in my head when I was a kid without me knowing about it, but I tripped the metal detector 5 or 6 times. I had to take my belt off, my shoes off, empty my pockets and the damn thing still went off. The guy actually had to pat me down so I could get in the building.....it was quite the show.

Between the security and running the smoking gauntlet....I stayed inside and ate the lunch my wife packed me.

......................I'm absent minded.

I found something that will help me remember stuff. Since I have text messaging on my cell phone, I set this up. As long as I remember to send myself messages......I should be good to go.

Did I mention that I am completely and utterly absent-minded?

Yes, I did, didn't I?

till later.

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