Monday, January 05, 2009

Old the usual spew.

Saw this car while I was out doing errands.....

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A buddy of mine had one similar to it....good times for sure.

I just finished watching Religulous.....all I'm gonna say it that it's a very interesting documentary.

This is just great....looks like they are gonna bomb each other back to the Stone Age.

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What a bunch of asses.......someone has a sense of humor.

Remember that bug I had last week? I think half the folks where I work have it now....not a whole lot of fun. Kinda like having having your head pumped full of mashed potatoes.....(that's a food pump in the link)

Like I always say...I just make donuts for a living-the economy has me totally baffled at this point. All I know is that we aren't making any really large purchases and are taking a wait and see attitude. I did order a Wii Fit for the family...Kinda looks like fun.

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Oh Shit?

Anyone see the 60 Minutes report on drunk drivers this past Sunday? A vehicle is basically a 4000 lb projectile.....if you're drunk, high or wacked out on pills and you kill someone.....I think it should be treated the same as a murder case.

You don't think any of these folks are gonna want any special favors do ya? Who said I wouldn't pick on Obama????

Anyone ever had "Mexican Pepsi"?'s so much better than the USA version made with HFCS How'd I get a hold of cane sugar Pepsi? Hey, I work in a grocery store...we have our ways.

Interesting article about the Obama kids first day in school. I really like the part where the children have to observe 5 minutes of silence in the morning for quiet reflection. I think all schools should do that.

Maybe it's because I'm a nutjob liberal.....but I'd rather see tobacco made illegal and legalize marijuana. Neither one floats my boat, just sayin'.

Anyone have an extra 20 dollar charge on their Verizon bill this month for voice mail they didn't order? Shame on you guys.....we didn't order any extra services and tacking 3rd party services onto our bill without our permission ain't the way to win friends and influence people. To be guys pretty much suck. We are this close to just canceling the landline.

Angry Whopper? WTF? I guess I haven't been in a BK for awhile.

Just found this blog....gotta be one of my favorites.


I love me some frozen prepared food, but since I stopped eating so much of it....I've lost weight and I don't feel so bogged down.

I still however, have a big mouth which I enjoy shooting off from time to time.....just keep reading, I'm bound to piss someone off.

till later.

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