Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to school............

Growing up, those were my least favorite three words in the English language. After 3 months of staying up late, camping out in friends backyards, aimless bike rides and pretty much complete freedom....

....the last thing I wanted to do was be cramped up in a freshly painted (I still hate the smell of wet paint) school classroom.

Having said that, our daughter began her 3rd year of college earlier this week, she couldn't wait to get started. Our son feels the same way, I think he has ulterior motives though-he'll get to see more of his girlfriend.

I'm looking forward to some milder weather, I used to dread fall and winter but the older I get-the more I find those seasons to be at least tolerable.

Anyone been following the Presidential race lately?

All I can say is "Is it November yet?"

How long can we beat the issues to death? Both guys have strong points and weak points, I think we oughta have a pay-per-view cage match to decide who wins.

Whatever, I'm taking a nap.

till later.

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