Sunday, August 03, 2008

Myrtle Beach

We made great time driving down the East Coast Saturday.....too good because we got here about an hour too early and our house wasn't ready for us.
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Nice house, huh? Looks like 2 units but it's just one house.

Not that big a deal, we stopped at a random pizza place and my wife ordered a white pizza with spinach.

Probably the best pizza I've ever things always seem to work out if you let them.

One thing I definitely don't like as much as I used to is the is like a blast furnace. When you walk outside, it feels the same as when I open the full sized door of one of my commercial ovens to pull product out.

We did go up to the beach for a bit last night, the rip tide was pretty bad, the kids would go in up to thier stomachs and would end up 50 yards down the beach in a matter of minutes.
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My son and one of his cousins.

One more thing before I wife is a packing genius. She had enough stuff packed in our van for a family of four to live on the moon for a month and you could still see out the back.
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She's good.

till later.

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