Monday, August 04, 2008

One of the reasons.....

One of the reasons we love coming to Myrtle Beach is the water. It's almost like bath water and you can see your feet when you are chest deep in it. The water off of New Jersey or Maryland? Not so much.

Another reason is Boulineau's IGA. It's a grocery store with all kinds of other stuff like sporting goods, clothes, wine and beer and a way cool bakery. I bought some donuts from there and talked to one of the bakers yesterday. Turns out the guy is from Reading PA and we know some of the same people. Small world.

We don't sell beer and wine in our grocery store in PA, the whole concept is kinda cool. I'd probably end up drinking more beer if we did....I like trying new stuff, I bought a 6 pack of Corona and it's already almost gone.....

Maybe it's a good thing we don't sell beer in grocery stores where I live.

As long as I have internet access, I'll be loading up pictures I take everyday....enjoy.

till later.

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