Friday, August 29, 2008

Random crap.

Politics...can we just elect a damn President and get it over with early? This election cycle has been dragging on for 17 months-somebody oughta make a law. I do find McCain's choice of VP interesting, I'm not saying he's old (he's the same age as my pop) but, at age 72....running the country for possibly the next 8 years might be kinda stressful. If he strokes out before his VP gets some on the job training.....we might be in a world of poo. I think he just lost himself the election.

Do people realize how damn dumb they look with Bluetooth headsets? Seriously, you look like an escaped mental patient when you walk around talking to yourself. Last night at work, I had 3 people within earshot of me all staring into space talking to themselves.

Ice cream. I swear to God if they resize ice cream containers any smaller-I will go off. I like my ice cream and I want it put back in half-gallon containers....if it costs more-it costs more.

Joggers. You aren't traffic-stay on the damn sidewalk. A controversial viewpoint? Bite me. If there isn't any sidewalk where you are-go jog where there is or hit a hiking or biking trail.

Is there some sort of reason the Federal government hasn't fixed the levees in NOLO? Are they waiting for another hurricane?

Comcast ain't so Comcastic. Sure 250 gigs is a lot but remember when 16 megs of RAM or a 56k modem was the ticket?

Are they sure that's a guitar?

till later.

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