Tuesday, August 05, 2008

One thing I forget to mention.....

One the way down here, we saw at least a dozen (and probably more) people with blown tires. In fact I was right next to someone when they popped a rear tire. They swerved a little bit and managed to pull off safely.

Also as we were on the Baltimore Beltway, it was pouring rain and a truck jack knifed right in front of us.

We drove the whole way down I 95 at the speed limit and I think we passed 3 or 4 vehicles the whole time. How many passed us?


It was way more relaxing to stay out of the passing lane and just take our time. Most of the folks driving in the passing lane were going at least 75 mph and were nose to tail in 30 car strings. We planned for the trip to take 10 or 11 hours and we made it here in just under 10, so things worked out just fine and we didn't have any blown tires.

Anyone ever play Rummikube? Holy cow, that's a fun game. It's even better if some of the people playing have a few cocktails.....that's all I'm saying about that. It's only time of the year when I will drink beer or mixed drinks on a regular basis....so I manage to have a good time.

I'm still amazed about how darn hot it is down here.....it is totally in your face by 10 AM. Of course, August is the hottest month of the year to come visit, but it's not often you get to experience 95 degrees and stifling humidity.

This is Tuesday at about 5 AM as I write this and so far..........no sunburn. When I was a kid, I'd lay out in the sun for hours.


Not so much.

I am slathering on SPF 30 and limiting myself to about 2 hours in the morning at the beach......a vacation with sunburn ain't much fun.

I did make mention of the photo album I made with pictures of the week, but here's the link again in case you missed it. My favorite picture so far..........

I kinda like this one.

till later..

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