Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I thought I was gonna die.........

My friend Hank and I were supposed to go out for a ride early Monday morning, we had to cancel because it was raining. After a couple hours, it cleared up so I decided to run some errands on my bike.

I shoulda stayed inside, dear God was it ever humid outside. I did about 20 miles and I thought I was gonna hurl a lung by the time I got back to the house. Gotta say thanks to the dude that invented air conditioning.......ain't nothing better then opening up the door to the house and feeling the whoosh of that cool dehumidified air hit you in the face.

The best part of the whole ride was seeing a bumper sticker from this web site. I ordered a hat, I'm sure I'll be popular with my Republican next door neighbor.....I don't know how anyone could seriously argue that 43 is a good President....or even an average one for that matter.

It's all about the miles that your food travels before you eat it.

This has to be one of the worst TV commercials ever.....and this one is a close second place.

Dr. Mosley needs to go outside once and awhile.....

Check out the video at the end of this article.....if a 12 year old can do it....how many crooks out there can do it?

This young lady was very lucky. If she learned one thing......I hope she learned to back up all her important stuff onto another computer or portable hard drive.

If you're on Facebook.....here's some games to add to your profile....or some cool new wallpaper for your desktop.

My dad used to do this....maybe not to the extent of the guy in the video, but we shamed him into getting a buzz cut when his part was right above his ear. He looks so much better now...

Till later.

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