Sunday, October 12, 2008

Birthday weekend.......

This is the last year I'll be spending in my 40's........I thought I'd take the weekend off to celebrate.

Our son and I went to a friends house Friday night to play in a poker tournament.

How'd we do?

Me, of course went out almost immediately as I have no poker smarts whatsoever- I went to network and make some new friends.

My son however did quite a bit better-he came in 4th place out of 16 people and I gave him 10 bucks to play with in the cash game preceding the tournament which he turned into 35 bucks. My semi-professional poker playing friend said he's pretty good for a 15 year old.

I finally got around to having my LBS install the kayak rack on my wife's car. It's pretty slick, you just have to get the nose of the kayak into the rack and the wheels on the rack guide it the rest of the way in. By the way if you live in York PA-go to Gung Ho Outfitters for your bike stuff-great guys with no "bike" attitude.

I did see a really nice basic commuter/hybrid while I was lovely wife gave me to okay to buy it-I'm thinking about it over the weekend. As much as I love my Surly Cross-Check...I want something for quick rides that doesn't have me bent over quite as much. I was thinking about throwing some slicks on my mountain bike, but that has a fairly stretched out position as well.

One of the advantages of living in Pennsylvania Dutch country is we have some really amazing farmers wife bought some cheese bread Saturday morning that is to die for.

I also worked on a local businesses computer.....I tend to stray away from business clients because of my limited daytime availability...but these folks were desperate. The computer they stored ALL their business info wouldn't boot up and they need it working by Monday 9AM.

No they were kinda screwed. I managed to pull all their data off the hard drive and after a bit playing around with boot settings and a couple other things....I got it to boot up. Hopefully, the first thing they are gonna buy is a portable hard drive or two to save stuff from now on.

Later today-the whole family is headed to the local Ren Faire-oughta be a blast. We've never been to anything like it before, so it should be fun.

Not to put to fine a point on it-but damn...the world economy sure seems like it is circling the drain. Sounds kinda passe to say it, but I'm just damn glad my wife and I both have steady jobs. Their are lots of folks out there like me without jobs wondering where they are gonna come up with next months mortgage payment.

I'm one lucky 49 year old....

till later.

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