Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Still alive.........

Wow, absolutely no time to post in the last couple of days.....even with having back-ups of all my stuff-it's still a huge pain in the hiney setting up a new computer. I bought a new accounting program it refuses to print invoices the way I want's starting to piss me off a tad.

I had the old laptop exactly how I wanted it. Even though this one is much faster-I liked my old one. I haven't given up on it yet, as soon as I get a stretch of a few slow days- I'm gonna attempt to install a new motherboard myself.

That oughta be interesting.

Either I'll fix it or I'll end up with a box of pieces that used to be a laptop.

Over the past few days I've fixed some computer stuff, made some donuts, had a great ride with my friend Mike but the best thing?

My son and I had breakfast with my dad at 5AM this past Saturday. 3 generations of McNallys sitting at the counter of the local greasy spoon shooting the shit.

Good times for sure.

I've decided to change my vote.

I was planning on voting for my party's candidate Bob brother-in-law came over a few days ago and made so many obnoxious remarks about Obama, I gotta vote for Barack to cancel out his McCain vote.

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Honestly, I can't understand why the hell anyone would vote for a 72 year old version of George Bush with the added bonus of a VP that seems to be as up on the issues as a 5th grader. Seriously, she comes across as dumber than fungus.


As far as I'm concerned...they all have conflicts of interests- it's just the degree of slimeyness you're willing to put up with.

till later.

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