Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Losing weight..............

The second toughest part of losing weight?

Learning how to eat correctly.

It's weird for me to try and eat a full meal right before I go to work....but so far it's seems to be working pretty good as I am not wanting to eat the tread off of a snow tire when I come home in the morning.

The first hardest part? Not eating junk food right before I go to bed. I love me some junk food and so far I've been substituting hard pretzels and it seems to work.

Not getting enough exercise is also a concern but I can only fit so much stuff in a 24 hour day.

...........right about this point as I wrote this on Wednesday morning (it's now Thursday mornning) my laptop crapped the bed.

Not sure quite yet what happened to it but the laptop I just bought to use as a loaner PC for my consulting business is now my work laptop.....such is life, it's just a pain in the butt to restore my backups and get everything the way I want it.

People have worse problems....heck, I had a brand new laptop sitting right next to the old one when it crapped out so things could be worse.

till later.

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