Thursday, February 26, 2009

639 dozen faschnachts later.......

I will be so glad when this week is over with... I have 9 days of vacation to look forward to. You'd think that after Fat Tuesday was over with and Lent began we would be selling less donuts.


I had an large order of donuts on Ash Wednesday at 4 AM and unlike the beginning of the week where I had plenty of extra help-I was all alone. Damn near killed me but I got the entire order done with about 5 minutes to spare.

I kinda forgot it was Ash Wednesday last night until I had a customer order a cake last night and she had a large black smudge on her forehead.

I'm gonna burn in hell, but I couldn't stop looking at it because it combined with her makeup and was sorta smudged off to one side of her face. I get the whole ash thing but damn...look in a mirror once and awhile.

I totally and I mean totally cooked my knees working out on the elliptical trainer at the gym last week....gonna be sticking to my wife's Bowflex for a few days. Not as hard as a workout but I gotta get my endorphins somehow. Not sure why I like it so much for as much pain as it's causing me. I did a classic beginner move-too much too soon.....that'll teach me.

Here's a diet less calories and exercise-you'll lose weight.

14 kids might be sorta hard to care of? Nah.

More Wall Street guys are crooks? Wow, that's really hard to believe, huh?

I live in South Central Pennsyltucky.....if this situation goes to seed-I'll have beachfront property.'s not up here.

till later.

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