Friday, February 06, 2009

Did I sound a little pissed???

Jeez, was I a tad upset when I wrote my last post?


My wife works 55 hours+ a week, I work 6 nights a week and run my own consulting business in what little spare time I one gave us a bonus last year because we managed to pay all our bills on time.

It just grinds my ass when I read about all those fat cats on Wall St who think their shit doesn't stink.

Sorry.....I'll get off my soapbox now.

Remember when I said I was gonna join a gym last week?

Yeah, well I never made it there yet due to having a cold, bad weather, etc.....if I wait long enough, it will be warm enough to ride. Seriously, I plan to make my way there on my day off next week to sign up.

My lovely wife came up with the idea of keeping a food diary. Kinda interesting to see what you eat on a daily basis when it's written down on paper. Eating my son's leftover donut right before I went to bed yesterday morning probably wasn't such a good idea.

6 inches of snow? I know I have a couple of English readers....can't your fellow countrymen and women drive in a little snow? Seriously.

This is one from my town......most of us kin spell better. And not all us smoke crack.

14 kids? I might be out on left field on this one, but damn...I think she oughta stop having kids for a few years to see how she does with the children she already has. I don't have anything against large long as I don't have to pay for someone else who thinks her vagina is a clown car.

till later.

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