Friday, February 06, 2009

Food safety......

Somebody needs to go to jail for this. I have no idea how the former management can sleep at night. Food sanitation is next to Godliness as far as I'm concerned. 99% of proper sanitation and food safety is just plain common sense.

Damn.... this kid shoulda hit his bully in the face with a large history book when he wasn't looking.....hey, it worked for me in 9th grade.

This jackass need strung up by his testicles.

600,000 jobs lost in one month? Holy crap. I've been unemployed and I know what it feels like-it ain't fun. Do I like President Obama's ideas concerning spending roughly 1 trillion dollars of government money to help the economy? Not's a debt that my grandkids and their kids will ending paying. I just make donuts for a living so hopefully, he knows what he's doing because 1 trillion is a helluva lot of money.

She's fat? Aww, hell no-I think she looks just fine. You wanna see fat? Go grocery shopping at 2 AM.

I can show you fat.

till later.

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