Tuesday, June 29, 2010

3 weeks..........

I get to go back to work Thursday night after 3 weeks off due to knee surgery....I've been bored so this is a long post.

Most folks would enjoy having 3 weeks off......I was pretty much ready to go back to work the day after the operation. It wasn't really much fun, had to stay off my knee most of the time and keep it elevated.

The doc said the typical recovery period for what I had done is at least 4 weeks...I told him the day after the operation I was going to do my P.T. every day so I could get back to work earlier- I'm pretty pleased with myself that I recovered enough in 3 weeks instead of four or five.

I'm also a candidate for a knee replacement in the next 5 or 10 years so, I really gotta take care of what's left of my knee (I'm totally missing my ACL) so if make it that far, good stuff...about the only thing I can't do as deep knee bends....fortunately.....I don't have to do too many of those when I make donuts.

Can't be too upset about the situation.....the pain is manageable without any strong painkillers, lots of folks out there have way worse problems then a bum knee.

I sent this video to my next door neighbor...he owns a really sweet Porsche Cayman and he's a pretty good driver like the guy in the video.....me? I'm perfectly satisfied with my 210 horsepower Taurus and sticking to the speed limit (most of the time).

It amazes me that an 8 year old Taurus with 160,000 miles on it is tighter and more quiet than my old minivan that had less then 70,00 miles. The inside of my brand new used car is like a cave because it's all dark grey leather and it's got a few minor scrapes and bad paint spots, but I clay barred it and gave it a good wax it looks pretty good considering.

I was always a "Ford guy" before I bought my Plymouth Caravan back in 99......I think I'll stick to either Fords or Subaru's from now on.

Saw this video on YouTube from some guy overflying the oil slick in the Gulf.....an old neighbor used to have a saying ......."It is what it is"- not one helluva lot anybody can do about what's already happened and unfortunately- it's going to get worse. I can only imagine what fresh hell a powerful hurricane would do right now.....nothing you can do and you know bad things could happen at any time.

I saw this video on YouTube as well. I'm all over the place politically, but to be honest.... I think it would be cool to learn how to shoot guns like that. Personally- I don't own any guns and don't really plan on buying any, but some folks forget that 240 years ago....our forefathers used guns to obtain our freedom from Britain.

I'm not a "gun nut", but I think that unless you've been convicted of a felony-you ought to be able to wear an unconcealed handgun whenever and wherever you please as long as you take the time and trouble to get certified on it's safe and responsible operation.

I'm a big fan of Top Gear-this is hilarious....sue me, but I bit torrent the show every week

I guess Amazon has chosen to ignore my emails concerning getting a partial refund or credit for the Kindle I bought 6 weeks before they dropped the price by 70 bucks....sure, I'll still buy stuff from Amazon, but they are gonna be the choice of last resort from now on.

The way you take care of a customer?....I bought some PDF editing software from Foxit nearly 3 months ago...they recently made what I bought 12 weeks ago a free software download- they e-mailed me and offered me a free download of their deluxe PDF software which costs the same as the basic PDF editor I bought back in April. Nice move guys.... from now on-I'll put their software on all my clients PC's in place of Adobe PDF reader.

I love when I get to help senior citizens with their computer problems.....I helped a client with a bunch of malware and when I took her PC back to her house, I set up a laptop she had previously purchased to network with her other PC and printer.

She though it was magic that I could sit in her kitchen with her laptop and send something to her printer in the other room without the laptop being connected to anything. She asked me how I remember all that stuff...beats the heck out of me- it's kinda like learning how to ride a bike- once you know how....it's second nature.

I'm also buying a PC for another client this week.....if anybody is looking for a nice bang-for-the-buck system *this is a nice one* you'll just have to uninstall all the HP crapware....on some new computers...I'll uninstall 15 to 20 useless programs that do a really good job of stealing CPU cycles. My record is 26 programs running right after boot-up on XP with a printer installed.

Another good deal from Newegg? Noise canceling headphones....we've had these for awhile and to be honest -I can't tell the difference between these and the Bose cans that sell for 300 bucks. Newegg is about the only place I trust to buy electronic stuff online....their customer service is uptight and outtasight.

This chopper is way, way off the hook. Nothing like my chopper whatsoever. It doesn't even look rideable. My neighbor has a chopper but his is way cooler and he built it himself....not many guys that have choppers can say that. Oh yeah....mines for sale if you want to buy it.

This is one of my favorite websites.....I work in a retail bakery-this happens from time to time. Worst thing I've ever done? Several years ago, I dropped a customer's cake on the floor right in front of them as I was boxing it up....the customer was very understanding, but boy was I ever embarrassed.

I'm a knife junkie..... I saw this at Harbor Freight and had to buy one. I took it home with the intention of using it at work ( I like a very sharp knife to dock Italian bread right before it goes in the oven), but my wife liked it so much...I gotta go back and buy another one. Most of the stuff at H.F. is useless junk, if I get a couple months out of the knife....I'll be happy.

Like me...this guy also wants to tear his eyes out if he hears anything more about the iPhone 4....Here's the link to the YouTube video BUT there are lots of F-bombs and other profanity---definitely not family friendly so don't click on it if you are easily offended...click here instead.

What do I do when I buy stuff from Apple? I let the first-adopters be the guinea pigs.....I'd be pissed if I bought an iPhone and had that many problems with it.

This is pretty cool.....to be honest- I was raised to do the same exact thing I'm not sure how someone could keep the money and sleep at night.

This just sounds flat out nasty. I'm not that big a drinker in the first place, salmon flavored vodka just doesn't sound appealing whatsoever....

The 3rd Depression......I consider myself very fortunate to have a good job with great benefits. I have a trade where I can go just about anywhere in the country and get a job if I really had to. Not everyone is as lucky as I am....it would be pretty tough to outsource fresh baked goods to China.

Don't get me wrong....I ain't the skinniest person in the world....but this is some scary stuff. I guess I don't help the problem all that much as a make a few hundred thousand calories worth of donuts every night.....sorry about that.

till later.

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