Monday, June 14, 2010

Black and blue.......

My knee is turning all kinds of different colors, blue, purple. In a couple of days, it should be in full bloom- I'll take a picture and post it. I know our daughter loves looking at that kind of stuff.

The good news is that I have relatively little actual knee pain...but every muscle from mid-calve to mid-thigh feels like it was worked over with a baseball bat.

More good news is that I am getting out of the house with calls for computer help....our son gets to drive me and lug all my stuff around, but hey- it's part his company too and once we are done helping our daughter through graduate school...he gets all the profits for the consulting work, so I don't feel bad at all for making him work a little.

My father-in-law bought one of his grand kids a laptop for high school graduation and we'll be setting that up today. He gave me a fairly nice budget, so I was able to get a decent laptop, a printer, ink, a mouse, a thumb drive and a laptop cooler.

If you buy a laptop, buy a laptop cooler to go along with it-heat is the enemy of laptops and the one I have in the link is hands down the best cooler for the money out there.

Obama is going to address the nation Tuesday night concerning the oil spill.....I'm one of those nutjob Libertarians that likes less government regulation so I'm really conflicted on this one. I'd like to see the President somehow make BP pay for anything and everything disaster related up to the point where it bankrupts the company.

Sure, it would suck for anyone owning BP stock, but that's the risk you take when you buy stock in a company...ask GM shareholders.

till later.

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