Friday, June 18, 2010

Not fun...........

Went to the doc for a follow up visit yesterday..........I had to get some excess fluid drained out of my knee.

Gotta say, that was fairly unpleasant-I probably scared the patients in the adjoining cubicles with the loud grunting I did when he stuck that needle in the side of my knee.

I also found out that I am completely missing my ACL in my left knee. Missing as in not there. I'm not sure what happened to it....I know I had a lot of "offs" in my mountain biking career-maybe I landed bad and toughed out the pain for a few weeks.

I did go to work with broken fingers, ribs and a clavicle at different times- so I know I have a fairly high pain tolerance.

Whatever, it makes me a candidate for knee replacement sooner then later. The doc said he'd like me to go until I'm 60, but if I needed it done earlier- the knees they have now would probably outlive me.

I'll take a couple years to build my sick pay back up to full and probably get it done. I'd rather get it done earlier then later so there are less age related complications.

At any rate- I am bored out of my mind at this point, but from what the doc said yesterday- I'll be off for another week at least.

My buddy Hank sent me a link to this story here where we live in York PA. That pretty much sucks the whole way around. I was under the impression that as long as the motor on your bicycle is 49cc's or less in PA....all you need is a valid drivers license.

Since my bike looks nothing like a moped- It's basically a mountain bike with a small motor mounted next to my rear luggage rack......I plan to fly under the radar for the time being. I'm not even sure my bike would be considered a moped, but I'm not going to ask a bunch of questions either.

Like the guy in the article- I'm not out to change the world or make a lot of waves....I just want a little fresh air once and awhile.

till later.

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